How is Cardinal Wireless installed?

Our basic install ($200 for basic install & activation) consists of a small radio (referred to as “customer premise equipment” or “CPE,” and generally no larger than 12″ x 12″ square, though we do have some radios that are smaller) affixed to an exterior wall or the roof of the house with a cable running into the interior house through a drilled hole. Once inside, that cable will connect to a PoE injector that will supply power to the outdoor radio and pass network to your in-home WiFi device or network switch. Our install techs do their best to make the install as minimally invasive as possible and will take steps to hide or conceal the cable when possible.

Certain circumstances, such as mounting on a structure other than the house or special requests from the homeowner (special wiring, cable routing, hard wire network accommodations, etc.), may require a custom installation, which may increase the cost of the installation. Some examples would be a situation where perhaps the primary structure doesn’t have a good line, but a strong connection can be achieved at a separate structure (such as a barn, garage, or even a utility pole or tower), we can mount our CPE on that separate structure to get a connection, then either run cable to the primary structure or set up another point-to-point wireless system between the two structures.