I’m a current subscriber but my connection is slow or I’m unable to connect; what do I do?

With any wireless technology, occasional hiccups are possible though shouldn’t happen very often. If you feel you’re not getting the speeds you should be or you’re unable to connect to the internet, please let us know! Our office hours are 8am to 5pm, Monday through Friday, but our techs do their best to keep up with emails for outage reports and other questions even outside of normal operating hours and can advise you on steps you can to take or let you know if there’s possibly a larger issue at play.

If you feel your connection is running slow, the first thing you can do is run a connection speed test, which you can do directly on our website! You’ll want to stop all other internet usage (streaming videos, browsing websites, etc.) during the test and be sure to run the test on multiple devices (just run the test on one device at a time and make sure the test is complete on one device before starting it on the next; if you run multiple tests at the same time, the results will be skewed by the fact your devices are competing for bandwidth). This will help you determine if the issue is with the connection or possibly just with a certain device. If you feel you’ve narrowed it down to an issue with your connection, please have the results of the speed tests handy when you reach out so we can work with all the variables and better assess and hopefully help to rectify the situation!