Is Cardinal Wireless available if I’m renting?

We can supply internet to renters or other temporary residents, but we’ll need to coordinate with the property owner as the installation of our customer premise equipment (or CPE) does require semi-permanent modifications to the structure to which it is mounted (e.g. a J-pole or tripod screwed to an exterior wall or the roof and a drill hole through which we can run a cable from the outdoor CPE into the house to connect your in-home WiFi router). Something else you should consider is the fact that we do require a minimum contract term of one year, and terminating that service prior to completion of the one year term may result in an early termination fee as defined in our terms and conditions.

So while we can and will supply internet service to renters, it is your responsibility to decide if your situation is stable enough to meet the minimum contract term or negotiate an exception, as well as facilitate our consultations with your land lord or property owner/manger in order to establish a plan for equipment installation!