Is Cardinal Wireless another satellite internet company?

Cardinal Wireless is wireless broadband internet service provider (or WISP); aside from the installation, our service is really nothing like satellite internet. Our subscribers will have a small radio (referred to as “customer premise equipment” or “CPE,” and generally no larger than 12″ x 12″ square, though we do have some radios that are smaller) affixed to an exterior wall or the roof of their house* with a cable running into the interior house through a drilled hole. Once inside, that cable will connect to a PoE injector that will supply power to the outdoor radio and pass network to your in-home WiFi device or network switch. The exterior radio connects wirelessly to one of our Access Point (AP) Tower locations to send and receive internet traffic.

This differs from satellite in that our APs are earth bound, whereas satellite internet is connected to geostationary satellites orbiting the Earth at an altitude of about 22000 miles. While satellite technology can provide reasonably fast data transfer speeds, the distance your signal has to travel leads to numerous issues, such as an excessively high latency (the time it takes your communications to be transmitted and/or received) and susceptibility to weather-based interference. With a terrestrial wireless service such as Cardinal Wireless, links rarely exceed ten miles, providing significantly lower latency and minimal “rain fade” or other weather-related issues.

*Radios affixed to an exterior wall will use a J-pole, while radios affixed to vertical surfaces will be mounted with a tripod.