My address is hard to find; how can I make sure my location is accurate?

As you’re probably aware, internet map services (such as Google Maps or Bing Maps) are great but can be way off on certain addresses in our area.Thankfully there’s a simple workaround that you can use to make sure when you provide your address, we’re looking at the right house when we’re doing our coverage simulations and other tests!

First, pull up either Google Maps or Bing Maps (other services will likely work as well, but the steps may vary). Without typing in your address, find your house (easiest with the satellite or aerial view). The next steps will vary depending on which map service you’re using:

If you’re using Google Maps:
Click on the center of your roof (sometimes you have to click a few times) and a white box should pop up at the bottom of your screen. In that box will be a set of numbers that you can copy and send us so we’ll have your exact location coordinates!

If you’re using Bing Maps:
Right-click on the center of your roof and a dark box will pop up. The very last option in that menu box will show the coordinates with the word “copy” beneath them; click that last option and the coordinates will be copied to your computer clipboard so you can paste them into an email to send us!

Once you’ve got your coordinates, just paste them along in the message area of the contact form on our homepage and we’ll be able to accurately find your location.

Note: the steps outlined above are for use on a computer web browser; you can find your coordinates on a mobile device as well, but the steps will likely be a little different!