What do I do with all the equipment if I decide to end my service for any reason?

If you decide to end your service for any reason, it is your responsibility to coordinate the return of any Cardinal Wireless equipment. This includes your outdoor radio and mounting equipment, as well as any indoor equipment supplied by Cardinal Wireless (such as WiFi routers, network switches, access points, etc.) Equipment can be shipped to our Anna office or delivered in person with an appointment.

If you’re unable or otherwise unwilling to remove and return the equipment, you can make arrangements for Cardinal Wireless to come out and retrieve the equipment for a fee. Failure to return or coordinate the return of the equipment may result in a fine as detailed in our terms & conditions.

Note: if you’re selling a house outfitted with Cardinal Wireless, let us know! It may be possible to transfer your service and any remaining contract time to the new owner(s) without the need to remove/return any equipment. We can also temporarily suspend service during the sale process without penalty or any additional payments aside from a fee of $25 to reactivate the suspended service.