Will Cardinal Wireless pay to put an AP tower on my property?

Probably not, but maybe! Go ahead and fill out the form on our home page and mention that you’re interested in hosting an access point tower. It will be helpful if you can also provide your GPS coordinates, which you can find on Google Maps. To get the coordinates, pull up Google Maps on your computer and find the location you feel would be suitable for a tower. Click on the spot (you may need to click a few times) to pop up a small, white box at the bottom of the page. In that box will be the numbers that you’ll need to copy and send along with your message!

Note: while some major nationwide cellular companies occasionally agree to somewhat lucrative lease agreements with land owners, our maximum offer in exchange for access will be discounted internet service. As a relatively new, small, local wireless internet company, we are not looking for or open to lease agreements, except in extremely rare circumstances, that will require a monthly lease fee at this time.